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We believe that every athlete deserves to fulfil their true potential

After 10 years working in sport, I’ve seen what the right training environment can do for an athlete’s success. I’ve taken these experiences and built a facility for all athletes with the ambition to reach higher and achieve more from sport. 

Brian Flaherty

Owner and Head Coach

Our Story

In the world of strength and conditioning coaches, there’s a running joke: we learned the hard way so others don’t have to. Unfortunatly, I am no acception.

By the time I completed my master’s degree, my rugby-playing days were over. I’d played rugby since I was five years old, and I loved the game. I wasn’t gearing up for a Lions tour, but I loved playing and said I wouldn’t stop until I was told to. That day came in my mid-twenties when I split a tendon in my knee. I rehabbed for almost two years, but it was never right. A specialist told me it was time to pack it in, and I did, begrudgingly. The hole it left was vast, and even coaching rugby couldn’t fill it. I felt like I wasnt finished, and it was hard to accept that much of the blame lay with me….

My strength as an athlete was my relentlessness. I wanted to train harder, push more, and always give my best. I had no patience for sub-standard attitudes.

But, this drive was also my biggest weakness. I embraced this never-say-die attitude, often ignoring the toll it took on my body and overlooking the signs that I was going in the wrong direction. I made every training mistake possible: overtraining, emphasizing strength at the expense of plyometrics, ignoring what my body was telling me, and not seeking help until it was too late.

Most athletes have this relentless desire to succeed and an innate need to improve. When I created Performance Dynamics, my vision was more than just another gym. I aimed to set a benchmark in athletic development, making it a beacon in the private sector for sports excellence. A place where athletes could come to channel their drive in the right direction.


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As a soccer player training here for around 8 months, I’ve had a wonderful experience. The top-of-the-line facilities, attentive instruction, and personalized training plans took me from being constantly injured for years to putting in physical performances I am proud of.

Sam Bosio

Soccer | Trinity

Amazing gym and trainers! Performance dynamics gym is an unreal facility, full weight gym, conditioning suite and full access to the recovery room, athletes dream ! Brian and his team have been brilliant since I joined the gym, fully individualised programme and coaching for every session but also allowing you to train with other like minded people creating a competitive but really friendly atmosphere. My performances on the field have definitely gone up since training with Brian and his team! Would highly recommend to anyone wanting to improve their athleticism and overall fitness !

Kirsty Crotty Ryan

Gaelic Football | Moyle Rovers

Absolutely fantastic program, followed by excellent coaching and feedback. A great atmosphere to be apart of and overall a terrific experience.


Conor Lehane

Rugby | Old Wesley

I got recommend to got to Brian through a close friend in February 22 and his coaching has been top class over the past 6 months, I went to him to get in the shape I wanted for my wedding. The workouts all have a clear purpose and great variety that provide the results if you follow his instructions. Brian is very diligent and I have found the best aspect of the coaching to be his focus on form/technique and providing a good base to improve upon. I have been a consistent gym goer over the last 10+ years and I can easily say that Brian has provided coaching and form correction tips that I have never received from PTs before (plus this was all remote with no physical face to face session). The sessions are brilliant, never get stale and there is a great balance and variety to keep you interested. I would highly recommend Brian if you’re looking for someone to lead you in the right direction.

Thomas Finlay

Gaelic Football | O’Dempsey’s

Been working with Brian while living abroad to achieve my S&C goals while away from sport. Brian is very helpful and detailed with his approach. Always finds solution to any problems I face that clash with my plan. I would definitely recommend Brain to anyone who wants to either start or enhance their fitness journey to the next level.

Simon King

Gaelic Football | St. Judes
1 / 5

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