PD-Suite is a set of software from Performance Dynamics that allows coaches to review testing and wellness data collected by various methods.

The aim of PD-Suite is to collect all the relevant data about an athlete in one place to review training efforts and wellness in order to direct the next schedule of training so that it best meets the needs of the team and also reduces the likelihood of injury to the athlete during training and matches.

Coaches are provided a login to the PD-Suite from this page or from their mobile app. Data is presented to the coach in 3 levels, instant overview level, training detail level, and full statistical level.

Athletes can track their wellness and training progress using the mobile app.

PD-Suite contains:

  1. Team Summary Data – where each athlete is rated by age/level/sport/position/squad
  2. Team Graphs – a view of team/athlete performance over time
  3. Team Statistics – a downloadable set of statistical data with the most used sport stats overall and individually
  4. Team Wellness – two main measurements, acute/chronic ratio and overall wellness average
  5. Mobile App – for athletes to enter their own training efforts and daily wellness scores
  6. Mobile App – for coaches to review acute/chronic ratio and wellness scores of the team before training
  7. Real-Time Measurement App – to show results of CMJ/IMTP after each movement

Contact us for a demonstration or to create login accounts

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