I came to Performance Dynamics a couple of years ago after I had been trying to get a personal trainer for months. I have an acquired spinal injury which paralysed my left leg, and I was in a wheelchair, so I got turned down by a lot of people.

Then I met Brian from Performance Dynamics, and things started to change.

After a consultation he agreed to take me on, and we hit it off straight away. I was really enjoying the training, I was losing weight and getting stronger and then one day, I started to get sensation in my left leg. A mild tingling to start but I knew something was happening.

Within 2 months I was out of the wheelchair and walking short distances, within 6 months I was not using the wheelchair at all. Since then my life has totally transformed, I got engaged to an amazing man and have moved to a beautiful part of Tipperary. I graduated to online training with Performance Dynamics and have made a lifelong friend in Brian.

I could not recommend Performance Dynamics enough, they helped me to transform my life. With a positive attitude and a desire to make things happen, anything is possible.

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