I started my online training with Performance Dynamics about nine months ago. I had some old injuries which affected my mobility and gave me pain and discomfort day to day. I also had radiating nerve pain from my neck down my arm from a car accident a few years before. I joined a gym and worked hard and consistently but I was still in pain. The more I tried, the worse it got.

I realised I needed professional help. After a consultation, Brian delivered a training plan to address my issues which included improving mobility, building strength and stability, and reducing my body fat percentage. I quite quickly learned that strength and mobility training could address all my issues and could also improve my bone density. I am a 52-year-old female, so this is important to me. I also learned that my everyday life was contributing to my pain, not just the car accident. This is probably the most important thing that I learned. Once I understood this, I realised that patience and perseverance would yield results.

The online programme is so easy to follow, well-structured and demonstrated, and its progressive. Online training really suits me as it provides flexibility around when I train.

I have significantly reduced my pain and discomfort, I move better, I stand better, and I even breath better. I have managed to decrease my body fat, I feel so much stronger and surprisingly, the shooting nerve pain is completely gone. I look forward to continuing this journey as I know the results are very real. I highly recommend Performance Dynamics online training to people of any age, they are professional, knowledgeable, and so easy to work with.

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